about us

Akiva Security Systems is one of the leading Surveillance Systems companies in AP. We are well appreciated by our valuable customers for our quality products and in time delivery of the work and in comparable service by our vast experienced technical persons. Akiva Security Systems handles manufacturing, supply and installation of the security systems and thus we occupied the supreme position not only in twin cities, but also throughout the AP. Our only aim is to let our customer feel completely satisfied and tension free for their valuable with our quality Surveillance products.

our mission

Akiva is committed to provide safety to customers by continuously developing and delivering / offering new technologies, innovative products, solutions and delightful services, by abiding all its commitments to customers. We will nurture our channel partners by providing profitable avenues of growth and fulfil responsibilities towards shareholders by achieving consistent growth in shareholder’s value and adhering to fair practices in all its dealings with employees and business partners.

our vision

(1) To be the Company you Trust the most
(2) To Protect what you Value the most

our clients

We value our customer experiences. Here are a few customers who have seen their organizations drastically improve their operational efficiency, total cost of ownership, and return on investment using our services. We know that clients aims and needs are inextricably linked to a business domain situation but also into business environment to find the best option for our clients.


Backed by the expertise of providing security to several million homes and retail outlets in India,Akiva realized that India needs customized security solutions that are conducive to Indian environment and hence the manufacturing plant was conceptualized and established.

With a renewed focus on SME, Retail and Home segment, Akiva will continue to dominate the market with High tech state-of-the-art products manufactured in India targeting the B2C and B2B markets.

The installed capacity is to produce 300,000 units per year of all security products. Our Manufacturing Plant develops and manufactures equipments which includes Fire Alarm System, CCTV Surveillance System, Access Control System, Fingerprint locks, Video Door Phones, Wireless Alarm Systems.


The security system installed by you has shown its worth and importance, as it has foiled an attempted house break yesterday at my Talegaon House!!!

You know, It is now nearly 10 months since we got it installed. As you know I wanted this system as there was a burglary in my house last Sept’07. At that time the loss incurred was in tune of few thousand rupees + tension of reoccurrence and headache/fear. Now I know I have taken correct decision.

Burglars broke open the door of my house in pitch dark night. The door sensor sensed this and started sounding the alarm. Nearby my Gardner got up from his sleep with this sound and noticed that few persons have assembled out side my house [Burglars were in shear confusion!!!!].